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Well... Welcome to my page, and all that. Well... I guess I should say stuff about myself, huh? Ok...

My name is Fabio, but you can call me Fontes, which is my last name, and it's what people call me, and to be honest, I'm more used to that, than to my own name. So, there. I live in Portugal (for those who haven't noticed, yet), but as soon as I get a good chance, I'd like to go live in some other country. Where? Possibly in Japan, since I'm a videogame freak, and an anime lover... Yeah, I'm one of those otaku freaks who would like to live in japan, someday.

I like to play videogames, make drawings (mostly anime-styled), I like martial arts, music...


About music... I don't really understand why people add "music" to their interests... I mean, who doesn't like music? If you're gonna say you like music, at least specify your preferences. Mine's metal, and I know it's weird, and geeky, but I also like to hear Anime, and videogame soundtracks. Examples of what I like to hear:

- Dragonforce

- Sonata Artica

- Symphony X

- Heavenly (possibly my favourite band)

- Galneryus

- Hammerfall

Also game and anime OSTs, which I've already mentioned. So, yeah... I'm weird.


Regarding martial arts, I've practiced Shotokan Karate for 6 years, but I had to quit, due to financial problems... In other words, my sister was born, and the money had to be spent in diapers, lol...

So, I train on my own, now. I learn moves here and there, and... I guess I'm making up a customized fighting style. Apart from bare-hand combat, I also have some knowledge in nunchakus. Nothing much, but enough to give someone a good beating, if necessary, hehehe...


As for drawings... Yes, most of them are anime styled, but if someone asks me, I can make a more realistic work. I also do some 3D modeling. But when it comes to digital work, what I LOVE to do is sprites. Yeah, those 2D graphics you see, on videogames... I want to be a game designer, and one of the tasks I'd like to perform is being a spriter. Or concept artist, that would do, too.

You can see some of my stuff on:



I am currently working on a webcomic, which you can visit by clicking on the banner, on the top of my homepage (and that site I just gave out). Hope you like it, and for those who become readers, thank you very much. ^^


Videogames... This is where things get a bit more complex... Since this is probably my most important hobby. Specially, since I'd like to work on game designing. Well, as for genres, I like action RPGs, MMORPGs, fighting games, platformers, and... well, I like to play pretty much all types of games, but these are the ones I like the most.

As for what I hate... Mainstream titles. Yeah. Like "Need for Speed", games based on movies, and all that crap... Also, I don't like sports games very much... Specially soccer. Also, I hate turn-based RPGs... Yes, that includes Final Fantasy! Why? Because it makes me sleep, everytime I play it. The story makes me sleep, the battles make me sleep, the MUSIC makes me sleep... so, yeah, I pretty much hate that game series. The only FF I was able to play decently was Crystal Chronicles, on Nintendo DS...

My all-time favourite game? ... Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time


As for anime/manga... I hate commercial stuff... So, don't even start asking me if I like Naruto, Bleach, or anything like that! And please, don't start asking me if I like Death Note! So, here's a sample of what I like:

- Rurouni Kenshin

- Great Teacher Onizuka

- Dragonball

- School Rumble

- Seto no Hanayome

- Negima.

So, I guess that my tastes fall on either epic battles, or laughing till I fall off my chair.


I'm ok with chatting with just about anyone. However, there are a few things I'd apreciate:

- Don't ask for gifts! If I feel like it, I might give you a gift, but the ones who ask for it will have their asses blocked IMMEDIATELY! Understood? Good.

- No cyber-sex, ok? Please, don't even try it, and I guess further explanation about this is not necessary!


Now, what else... Oh, yeah... Since I'd like to go to Japan, it's obvious that I'm interested in their culture, right? So, I guess that's already too long, for an introduction. If ya got MSN, feel free to add me:


I don't mind people adding me... I can always block them, if things go wrong, right? XD

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