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Always open for intelligent or thought provoking conversations.
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Just to break it down in simple terms...

Married: Yup
Children: Yup, 1 daughter and 1 son, don't ask unless you are prepared for me to ramble on for hours
Work: Yup, technical support, I fix peoples software when it doesn't do what its spose to
Education: Yup, but not degreed. I've been working on several different degrees in the last 15 years, though my current plan is to complete a Psychology degree to pursue a Masters in Cognitive Science
Passions: This is a loaded question really, I love so many things, but it all stems back to love of learning and love of helping or entertaining. I am first and foremost a student of life, I fancy myself a Philosopher and then some.

Why am I here? I love people, I love learning, thats already been stated. What better way to explore my interests than here, talking to you, about something great in this world. If you have some fascinating idea about why this or that works, or can stun me with your views on the world, don't hesitate to IM me! Or MSG me too, I am usually working on a Mac except late at night on a weekend. So IMVU isn't always an option for me.
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There YOU are!! Right there, don't you see it? Nice isn't it? Very nice work on your avatar pic, way to go you. I'm so happy you're in the list, now leave a MSG. (c;

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