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I am Niccole but most know me as Spandy or Nic.

I will be living in Daytona Florida with my beautiful ESA kitty, Tiger. He does so much for me just by being there beside me. I will be living with my aunt once again.

I am a nerd, I love Star Wars and gaming!

I am currently a single pringle..things happen..things

I have a few hobbies, ranging from digital art, to actual museum art. Or history, and documentaries on animals or real crime. I am also a pretty avid gamer. I play some MMO's and I own a PS4 and PS3 hoping to expand at some point. I am also very much a Furry, meaning I have a fursona, and I love furry related art and am as much apart of the community as possible.

That's about all there is for now to type up about myself, however I am trying to frequent IMVU again some more to make new friends. So if you are a furry and want to hang out, chat and get to know me. Feel free! I am a nice person, and pretty open and honest.

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