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Hatsune Miku (初音ミク), codenamed CV01, was the first Japanese VOCALOID to be both developed and distributed by Crypton Future Media, Inc.. She was initially released in August 2007 for the VOCALOID2 engine and was the first member of the Character Vocal Series. She was the seventh Vocaloid overall, as well as the second VOCALOID2 vocal released to be released for the engine. Her voice is provided by the Japanese voice actress, Saki Fujita (藤田 咲, Fujita Saki). There has since been numerous installments such as additional voice banks dubbed 'Append', as well as an upgrade to the VOCALOID3 engine, which includes her long awaited English vocal release.
She is considered the most popular and well known VOCALOID and the first to become a pop idol.



The initial sales of Hatsune Miku were so high that Tokyo could not keep up with the demand. In the first 12 days of sale, nearly 3,000 sales reservations were made. This was around one sale in 250 in the music software industry, quoted as "an impossible number" by Wataru Sasaki — the person in charge of the planning and production. stated on September 12, 2007 that they had sales of Hatsune Miku totaling 57,500,001 yen, making her the number one selling software at that time. It was confirmed in her first year alone, Miku sold 40,000+ units. Later reports came that she had sold 60,000+ copies of her software. To add perspective, normally selling 1,000 copies of a synthesizing software was considered good business.
Miku's Append was not as well received as her original voicebank, though it managed to stay in the top ten products from Crypton Future Media. However, it disappeared from the list entirely from time to time. Despite this, it has been known to have reached the top 3 products on occasion, as well as to knock other CV vocals further down the charts. Miku was ranked as the no.1 VOCALOID™ product they sold, and despite drifting between ranks on their product list, her Append managed to grab 2nd place.
Hatsune Miku V3 English was reported as being the top selling "Virtual Instrument" on Big Fish Audio's blog in August 2013. In September, it came in 2nd place and went back up to 1st in October. Hatsune Miku V3 was reported to have over saturated Yamaha's servers with requests for activation upon release.[108] In October 2013, Hatsune Miku V3 and its bundle package disrupted the Crypton Future Media product charts, taking both the 1st and 2nd place spots between them. Other Vocaloid products sold by Crypton Future Media ended up being misplaced from their normal ranking spots. This was the first time the Vocaloid products had been impacted so drastically since their charts began. On October 15th, Wat reported there was 10,000+ orders of the Hatsune Miku V3 package on backlog.


The name of the title and character for the software was chosen by combining Hatsu (初, first), Ne (音, sound), and Miku (ミク, future), thus meaning "the first sound from the future."
Her codename of "CV01" means "Character Voice 01".

Favorite Item: Spring Onion


When KEI illustrated Miku, he was given a color scheme to work with (based on YAHAMA synthesizers' signature blue-green colour) and was asked to draw Miku as an android. Crypton also provided KEI with Miku's detailed concepts, however, Crypton said it was not easy to explain what a "Vocaloid" was to him. KEI said he could not create an image of a "singing computer" at first, as he did not even know what a "synthesizer" was. It took him more than a month to complete the commission.
Miku was originally intended to have a different hairstyle, but after trying out pigtails, KEI thought they were more suitable. Her pigtails have since become an iconic part of her design. On June 22, 2012, Hatsune Miku's twin tails even earned her the title of the Twin Tail which best represented the 2000s, marking her the best set of Twin Tails from the dawn of the 21st century. She now shares her twin tail distinction with other characters like Sailor Moon (who won best Twin Tails for the 90s period).
The digital design on Miku's skirt and boots is based off synthesizer program colours, and the bars represent actual bars within the program, following Crypton's ideas. Part of her design is based on some of Yamaha's keyboard models, particularly the DX-100 and the DX-7. The thin squares around her pigtails are futuristic ribbons made of a special material that floats in place. As seen in KEI's art for Miku, they are able to hold Miku's pigtails in place without having to physically touch the hair itself. The ribbons are also reported by KEI to be the hardest item on the character's design for cosplayers to recreate.
After an internet meme involving Hachune Miku, Miku was associated with a spring onion (often mistaken for a leek due to the similar appearance). This, along with KAITO's association with ice cream, started a discussion called "the Item War" within the Vocaloid fandom, where it became traditional for new Vocaloids to have an item assigned to them and the items were debated upon until one stuck via an Internet Meme. This occurrence has since died out.
For most of 2014, Hatsune Miku's V3 and Hatsune Miku V3 complete packages held the 1st and 2nd spot of the product rankings. Even after the release of MEIKO V3, the two packages soon retook their positions and MEIKO V3 managed to only hold the top spot for a month and a half.

Hatsune Miku's popularity had a major impact on the development of other Crypton Future Media voicebanks. Due to the huge market for her voicebank and character image, Crypton have sometimes been overwhelmed by demand. This caused delays to other VOCALOID2 projects, including the release of an additional character, CV04. How much impact her popularity has had on other VOCALOID™ voicebanks is unknown, but Crypton Future Media has many delayed voicebanks that were originally set for a VOCALOID2 release. Project If... was largely impacted also by Hatsune Miku's popularity, even in the early planning stages. Wat also felt this was a nightmare and that the relationship between Vocaloid and humans had gone wrong. Her design has also influenced the VOCALOID™ mascot designs of other companies, creating common design influence that divides fans opinions on character design. Her design has also spawned many producer based derivatives. She is the most common VOCALOID™ vocal to receive derivatives due to the popularity of her voicebank and heavy promotions by Crypton Future Media.
Because of Miku's success, Crypton Future Media were able to open up services to allow more support for their VOCALOIDs, including websites such as Piapro and Karen-T, concerts and merchandise. By 2009, some were referring to her as VOCALOID™'s first "Diva". In 2010, Crypton Future Media produced a ranking of the VOCALOIDs they sold on their website; since then, Miku has consistently led or been close to leading.

*Because she is the first VOCALOID many got to know and the first to draw a large amount of attention, there are a number of common misconceptions about her:
*Miku is often mistaken as the very first VOCALOID produced by those new or unfamiliar with the software's history, or the first VOCALOID2 released.
*While she was the first VOCALOID2 to be released for the Japanese market, it was PowerFX's Sweet ANN who claimed the place as the first VOCALOID2, released 2 months prior to Miku.
*When Miku became more well-known in 2010, the media also followed this misconception. On more than one occasion Crypton Future Media have labelled her as the first, though this is likely an error as they usually introduce her as "the first of the character vocal series".
*However, Miku was the first vocaloid developed specifically for VOCALOID2 as Sweet Ann, codenamed "JODIE" was originally developed for the VOCALOID engine, not VOCALOID2.
*Since 2010, Miku has won the classification of "Virtual Diva" and has become a pop star in her own right. However, some reports mislabel her as "the first virtual star" when other "virtual stars" have been released prior to her existence as early as the mid-1990s, although these "stars" never rose to the level of popularity Miku has reached.
*Miku is also not the first VOCALOID to debut in America, as Zero-G's VOCALOIDs were already on sale prior to her arrival. However, all previous VOCALOIDs failed to make an impact in the USA.
*Miku is also not the first VOCALOID2 to have an avatar; the first was Sweet ANN, who was based on a "bride of Frankenstein" theme. However, Miku was the first to have a profile that expanded on the concept of an avatar. Leon and Lola did not feature a character on their boxart, Miriam had a blurred photo of Miriam Stockley, and though KAITO and MEIKO had characters on their boxart, they were not originally meant to represent their vocals.
*She was also not the first to feature in a concert; Miriam was the first, in 2004. However, Miku was the first to actually be featured "live" in the concert whereas Miriam's concert featured just her vocal.
*Sound Horizon, a popular band that uses music to tell stories, used Hatsune Miku in their third single "Ido e Itaru Mori e Itaru Ido" and its corresponding album, "Marchen". Saki Fujita, Miku's voice actor, also does narrations.
*With a total of 15 voicebanks released, Miku now has the most vocals released for the VOCALOID™ engine.

Vocaloid 3 Vocal Traits:

Vocaloid 2 Traits Comparison

Notable for . . :

*First Japanese VOCALOID2 to be released
*First of Crypton Future Media's Character Vocal series
*First specialized vocal of VOCALOID2
*First VOCALOID to have a "true" avatar given
*First VOCALOID to have a bio
*Highest amount of pre-orders of a software synthesizer
*Holds the highest sales figures of all VOCALOIDs
*First VOCALOID to earn the status of "Diva"
*Most awarded VOCALOID software released
*First VOCALOID to be Appended
*Most common/popular VOCALOID
*A number of the Internet Memes linked to VOCALOID
*Most songs created to date
*Most merchandise to date
*First VOCALOID to have a videogame
*First VOCALOID to be on stage
*One of 3 voicebanks used by the robot HRP-4C
*First to have a song with a million views
*First VOCALOID2 by Crypton to be upgraded to VOCALOID3

HighLight Original Tracks: Tengoku e ikou (Let's Go To Heaven)
Musunde Hiraite Rasetsu to Mukuro (Hold, Release; Rakshasa and Carcasses)
Senkou⇔Frustration (Flash⇔Frustration)
Burenai ai de (With An Unblurred Eye)

Miku’s Homepage: Official Hatsune Miku Website

Collectives : My Personal Support / Fan Sticker

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Vocaloid Product Info.
Age: 16
Voice Provider: Saki Fujita
Distributor: Crypton Future Media, Inc.
Affiliation: YAMAHA
:*:Media / Updates :*:

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