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Age: 36
United Kingdom
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Stay in. Stay safe.
Relationship Status: Married
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I'm no longer as active here as I once was, but I'm still around!
(Previous name on this account was ZaraKaine)
If you need to speak with me, or have a question about one of
my products, please send me a message, not a friend request.
You don't need to be on a list just to talk to me!

Photobucket has recently broken some of my UV map links/images,
so if you find missing or blurry maps for a product you wish to
derive, please let me know and I will fix the page as soon as possible.

Please don't expect a reply if your messages
are set to "AP" or "Friends Only" though.

(No product requests, thank you).

Thanks for visiting my page! :)

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