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♥Be the fruit loop
in the world
of cheerios!♥

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Heey. My name is ßrianna, call me ßri or Anna. I'm a typical 13 year old teen. I like to be optimistic and I'm a bubbly happy person most of the time.I run my brush through dark blonde /light brown hair. I look through ocean blue eyes. I'm about 5'4'. When I do or say something that doesn't come out right I tend to just yell "Don't judge me!". I can be very random sometimes. I have alot of flaws but that just makes up who I am. My BFF is Malia. We've known each other for about 4 and a half years now. I don't go on IMVU alot, afterall, I do have a life. Also, I think its pathetic to actually think your "popular" on the internet. Recently I just came back after about a year break from IMVU. I hate the drama over "OMG they copied what?" or "So-And-So said what about who?". Get a life losers. Its only the internet not real life! That's the reason alot of people quit IMVU. I'm just here to have fun and make friends from around the globe. Oh and by the way . . DON'T JUDGE ME! LoL! xÞ

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