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I am a small time dev learning from my big time dev wife QBL. She teaches me what she can with her busy schedule. We are a team though so nine times out of ten if you ask me to do a product you have both of our minds working on it. Welcome to Lycanmare Developing come style with us!

Also I Know That My Wife QBL Is A Amazing Artist.. She Should Be. She Broke Into The Art World Before She Started Deving.. Although I love All The Messages I Receive Complimenting My Art I Can Not Take Claim To It.. It Is All My Wife.. Over The Years Due To Her Medical Conditions She No Longer Takes Requests For Art.. But I Do Relay All Your Kind Words To Her.. So TY From Us Both..

Welcome To Lycanmare Developing

My Wife & I Created Lycanmare Developing Over A Decade Ago When We Discovered That We Wanted A Broader Way To Market Our Brands.. These Days You Can Not Only Find Us On IMVU But Facebook Twitter & Instagram As Well, Advertising Under Our Brands 1stKDL, KingDolphusLycanmare, & QBL, QueenBeccaLycanmare.. So Follow Us, Friend Us, Like Us, Or Just Get To Know Us.. We have Over 4000 Followers & Adding More Everyday.. Remember You Don't Just Become A Follower You Become A Friend.

♫♫Welcome To The Lycnmare Developing Experience♫♫

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